Aleksandar Jevtić

New life, scary as it may be, was a perfect excuse for me to make a change I wanted for some time. I didn't have the nerve to break up with my usual drawing routine, the process that was a quick and safe ride to my comfort zone for the last six or seven years. I was in this status quo space for a year or so and half that time I wasn't even aware. Took me a while to figure out I was doing what other people expect from me - galleries, market, followers, friends and so on, but even then it was hard to let go. I stopped doing anything couple of months before the pandemic, I was an artist on vacation. But this new world propelled me to experiment again, with true dedication. It helps a lot.

april 12th, 2020 

april 5th, 2020 

april 1st, 2020 

march 31st, 2020 

december 16th, 2019 

what is something you'd like to do that you can't?

Go out when I want, we have police lockdowns in Belgrade. I don't like police lockdowns at all.