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june 30th, 2020 

The rona zone

A collection of vignettes from my time in lockdown in Devon, collected on my notes app then collated into a poem of sorts.

Find a £5 red wine in Tesco

And buy as many as we can

(Two bottles).

It’s a Beaujolais

Or Bojo, if you will.

Wander amidst green hills

All dips and curves like hips on a dance floor.

Nobody drives

Everyone strolls.

Groove in the kitchen to ABBA

For a second, it’s a dance floor in the middle of nowhere.

Make a phone call

Put on hold.

And lambs are taken to slaughter in the slanting sunlight.

Shadows long, grass a dripping, zesty green and a ripe and juicy red tractor

Only the slatted grey container diligently drains joy from the scene.

Dust motes catch the light, floating like teens through a festival.

A wasp hits the window pane.

Hungover, I stare at the gold karaoke mic

A gherkin in one hand, a boiled egg in the other.

But in the river,

White limbs cut through inky dark water like Guinness poured from the tap.

The water wrinkles like skin on hot milk

Alive, somehow.

As the man passes me fish and chips,

Our fingers touch.

And the dog’s snuffly, twitching nose

Offers an indescribable sense of peace

What news carries on the breeze?

what is something you'd like to do that you can't?

Go to my best friends' wedding.