chiara scoglio 
london, uk  

may 5th, 2020 

The Relativity of the Mirror

The Relativity of the Mirror is a short play I have developed in the past few weeks of quarantine. Even though not strictly related to the experience of quarantine per se, it does explore existential questions such as identity, perspective and relativity - all themes I have found myself thinking about even more often than usual in the current climate. Who am I? Who are we? What defines our lives? What will the future hold for us? What is change? Is there anything left to hang on to - any hope?

Click here to read the play. 

what is something you'd like to do that you can't?

I would like to have a drink with my friends in a park, enjoying each other's company and the longer days, having a laugh all together and not worrying about anything at all - even if just for an instant.