elizabeth short

APRIL 10th, 2020 

mapping the mundane 

The vast amount of amateur writing about space is from the view of the public spectator.

Observations of the exterior are dominant, except perhaps in rare cases when entering public spaces with a camera and notebook aren't met with looks of suspicion and the predicament of crossing various ethical boundaries (is it weird to be photographing a busy sunday afternoon at a public swimming pool? Er, yes it is).

When it comes to private spaces, one has to charm, bribe or barge their way onto the premises to attempt to record any fragment of an observation.

Like with anything private, it's protocol to receive a personal invitation to wander around, inevitably limiting the sphere of writing about the interior to professional writers, academics and those who generally know what they're talking about.

As an amateur writer who does not know what they're talking about and doesn't need an invitation to inspect their own flat - I thought I'd use this time in quarantine to exercise the skill of mapping interiors, and where better to start than the smallest and most politicised rooms of the lot:


Observation notes: The bathroom is smaller than average but quantifiable given the amount of time I'll admit to spending in it. Concerning number of Ikea products. Noise pollution from the fan deserves its own soundmap.

sidenote: If I do said soundmap and send it to my landlord as Lärmbelästigung, will it qualify me for German citizenship post-brexit?

what is something you'd like to do that you can't?

Escape to the Georgian mountains.