Release: May 2016
Physical stock: sold out
Digital version: available HERE


Alexandra Gribaudi
Arman Nouri
Andréa Reille
Chris Giles
David Dawson
Ganesha Lockhart
Fei Waller
Fred Isaac
George Townsend
Hunter Charlton
Luke Isnardi
Paul Gogué
Tom Tapolczay
Théodore Plytas

Issue 1. Where it all began. We started speaking about it in late 2015 and by April 2016 the issue was out. It would be deceitful of us to talk of that process as we don’t remember a thing, but looking back at the content now it is clear to see why we all found a way to work on something like this together. All of the original six published something for the first issue. Each story is completely rooted in our individual practices at the time. That was the beauty of the moment. We were all, through whatever medium and lens of our choice, engaging with the built environment.

For those of us who were friends at the time (not everyone knew each other then, which has been the best thing really about EYESORE - friends 4 life), we were finding ourselves in conversation about our surroundings constantly. These conversations at dinner tables and house parties were fuelling our interests and forming our practices. So when Chris approached Mischa and Ganesha with the idea, and Ganesha connected it with Arman, Theo and Nina, it all came together pretty easily. Let’s start a magazine. Why not?

And how about that back cover? Arman had come up with the idea of having each issue’s back cover illustrated by someone. It would be their interpretation of the issue - their own story. Theo knew Paul from Paris and asked him to come up with something. It became everyone’s favourite thing about the issue and it’s completely understandable why. Iconic.