APRIL 16th, 2020 

(“Motion Tracking”)

The photographs are the beginning of series where I track my movements/detention while I am in an isolated state. Whereas it is easy to visually track or reconstruct pathways of my daily (bodily) presence on a reduced scale a.k.a. my room, series are also a notion of my emotional state, reflected in nervous overlapping lines. Overlapping also indicates the frequency of being in the same place. Inverted color in photography lays speaks for the meta-space, the one that is not available by our sensory powers, while line gestures may be seen as meta-positions.

what is something you'd like to do that you can't?

I would like to diminish the anxiety and stress, which is technically doable, but hard to attain while being constantly reminded that this is not a normal situation that we live in. When you are constantly in one place physically and not in real contact with your friends, you kind of lose your own definition.