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EYESORE is a magazine on documenting cities and investigating places. It’s about what “I saw,” everything urban-orientated and more.

After launching three issues, we’re now looking for incisive, investigative and personal articles focused on urbanism, as well as photography and illustrations that tell stories about cities. The new mag will be released later in 2018 (we’ll be throwing a launch party that you should come to, too…)

We want our content to engage with the experiences of cities rather than just their design or aesthetic. The stories we tell are varied both in topic and scale. They are often grounded in the everyday cycles of living and working in cities – the morning commute or walks around the local area – as well as dealing with bigger picture issues such as demolition of council housing or climate change. The common thread linking our magazine together is that they all engage with how people – individuals, communities and societies – experience urban environments.

For a flavour of what we publish you can find some examples of work published in previous issues below:-

1 / photo essay documenting migrants in Calais (Photographs by Jameson Kergozou)

/ comparison on trash management between Beirut, Belgrade and Cairo

3 / an exploration of the relationship between smell and urban environments (Illustration by Nico Limo)

4 / an article exploring the legacy of slavery through buildings in the U.K.

5 / a look at sustainable uses of underground spaces in London

6 / a feature on the deprivation in English seaside towns (Photographs by Brendan Stewart-JacksJoseph Liam Reddy and Theodore Plytas)

7/ a deep dive into Sao Paulo’s grassroots community movement sprouting in the peripheries

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We do not accept proposals in any other format but the form. Please do not send us complete works, email proposals or links to online portfolios or websites. There is a space on the form to link photos or media.