APRIL 15th, 2020 


An ode to a London garden.

My one safe space amongst this chaos
The sounds of lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners from neighbouring houses fill the air.
And in that noise I find calm, some kind of stillness, broken only by the chirping of birds.
The usual drone of passing by planes - silenced.

The mowing stops and once more the low tones of early 2000s pop-punk "hits" blast out of the speakers owned the pre-teen next door. Thanks for that, Ryan.

I lay down to enjoy the feel of the sunshine kissing the side of my face, pausing a moment to appreciate this unusually glorious weather we're having. And, like the rest of the country, I'm hoping for some kind of tan.

Golden sardines we are, cooped up in our homes.

Breathing slowly, taking in nothing but the smell of freshly cut grass and the waft of whatever curry the Hooper's opposite are attempting for tonight's dinner.

Laying still a few minutes, I close my eyes. The sun feels uncomfortably hot as it starts to burn through my black hair. I get up and make my way inside, walking slowly as I decide, with a sigh, which of the remaining 4 rooms in my house I will explore this evening.

what is something you'd like to do that you can't?

Hang out with my baby niece.