tommy sussex

may 1st, 2020 

london shutdown

Sussex's series 'These days will pass' is a personal record of Britain's capital city during the government initiated Covid19 lock down, commencing on 23.04.2020.

'These days will pass' records the capital cities' response to the Covid19 pandemic, subsequent social distancing advice and efforts to stop the spread of the virus by the government and population of UK's capital city.

This project considers the effects of the new distancing measures on the photographers personal practice as a documentary storyteller whilst revealing the resilience and positive core values of the subjects photographed.

Sussex attempts to convey the solidarity of his community and their gratitude to the various workforce's that continue to place themselves in the front line of the coronavirus pandemic to benefit the wider population.

This document offers the viewer insight on a micro-scale concerning collective human behaviour during a time when global society is changing and adapting as a result of one of the most devastating social, political and economic catastrophes in modern history.

Sussex's project is an ongoing work that records London's response to a constantly changing global health concern and its aftermath.

These images were taken between 20th March to 1st May 2020.

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