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An international series of events supporting the launch of the EYESORE issue 5 Lost Spaces.


January - May 2023


New York, Vienna, Paris, London

To introduce Lost Spaces - our fifth magazine - to the world, we held a series of launch events and happenings to take EYESORE to the people and celebrate the amazing contributors who made the magazine the beautiful kaleidoscope that it is.

We kicked things off in New York with an afternoon of conversations, coffee and magazines at our favourite Head Hi in Brooklyn.
Our next stop was London and the Ridley Road Social Club where we served up a Sunday of film screenings, food and music. Alongside the London debut of our very own film KOLEKTNV - a documentation of the artists and collectives whose work reflects, re-imagines and re-creates the city of Belgrade - we were lucky enough to show The Palace by Jo Prichard and Shabah El Rih by Aya Atoui and Anthony Sahyou. The Palace is a moving portrait of a reluctant goodbye to The London Palace Bingo Club in Elephant and Castle told through the stories of the regulars who loved and depended on it, while Shabah El Rih stages a ghostly opera that reflects on Lebanon’s rich history and the gaps that emerge in collective memory when historical spaces are lost.

A forageable feast was created by Lost Spaces contributor Barney Pau, inspired by his article The Ecology of Dereliction. The foodscape (an earthy masterpiece) drew on the forgotten lots and vacant plots that host our urban ecologies and flourish in every corner of our cities. Foragers sampled delicacies from leaf-litter crackers to humus hummus and compost cakes.

We chatted, looked at mags, and ate, all the while serenaded by sonic vibrations from our friends at Houseplants.

Next we meandered to Vienna to the cosy yellow gable of Stand 129 in the heart of Favoriten Markt. Nina got out her projector and pointing stick and gave those gathered a deep dive into the making of the Lost Spaces issue before a screening of KOLEKTNV.

Finally we brought together faces familiar and new at Tago Mago in the 10th arrondissement of Bon Paris. Magazines were bought and beers were drunk to the musical selections of Aapo, Paul and DJ Gourmand.

We would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who came, chatted, and bought the magazine across all four events. We’re so happy to be able to share it with you.

Big Love,


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Full Participant list:

Aapo Nikkanen